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About Us

The Victorian Walnut Company (TVWC), located in Tatura East, Victoria, is Australia’s new premium state-of-the-art walnut processing and packaging facility established to efficiently process Australian walnuts to the highest quality at the lowest cost base to produce the best results for growers. 

Combined with an experienced and dedicated team who understand the walnut industry, TVWC provides growers with an end-to-end solution including processing, packing and sales, allowing growers to “set and forget” after delivering their harvest.  In addition, TVWC provides a “component processing” offer allowing growers to select they services they require before taking their produce back to sell.

Importantly, TVWC will accommodate walnuts from any grower who meets the TVWC and market standards, without a need for the grower to provide capital or purchase shares in TVWC.


Established in 2020, Stephen James, Daryl Maloney McCall and Shane Weller saw a need within the walnut industry to provide Australian growers with a new option that delivered flexible, affordable, professional processing and sales of their crops, as a service, without the need for growers to invest their own capital.

“As Founders, we are proud to be involved in the development of The Victorian Walnut Company to meet grower needs in providing Australia’s only state of the art processing facility and ultimately contribute to an improvement in quality and output for the Australian walnut industry.

As Directors of the company, we are committed to complete transparency with ALL our stakeholders and have invested heavily in best practice tracking, recording and reporting so growers and customers always have full insight into their produce and returns.

TVWC also aims to provide a safe and enjoyable workplace for our people, customers and community.”


Our Services for Walnut Growers

The Victorian Walnut Company (TVWC) processing services include walnut cleaning and hulling, drying, in-shell grading and packing, walnut kernel production, sorting and packing, and the sale of finished goods under the premium TVWC brand.

TVWC offers two options (below) for walnut growers:


  1. The grower delivers harvest produce to TVWC facility in Tatura East.

  2. On delivery, TVWC takes full ownership of the product, processing, and sale of the nuts as appropriate to maximise the return to the grower.

  3. TVWC remits net payments to the grower on an agreed periodic basis based on sales.

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  1. The grower requests TVWC manage components of processing on their behalf

  2. Once processing is completed the nuts are returned to the grower to sell.

  3. TVWC charges the grower based on processing components and volume.

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Our TVWC Premium Walnut Products

TVWC's premium products are available for sale via our exclusive Sales Agency.

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Premium TVWC In-shell walnuts

Premium TVWC Walnut kernel


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