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The Victorian Walnut Company

Australia’s newest premium, state-of-the-art walnut processing and packaging facility

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Our Services for Walnut Growers

The Victorian Walnut Company's processing services include walnut hulling and cleaning, drying, in-shell walnut grading and packing, walnut kernel cracking, sorting and packing, and the sale of finished goods under the premium TVWC brand.


The Victorian Walnut Company (VWC) provides industry leading full-service processing, sales and marketing services for walnut growers in Australia.

VWC has sourced the latest state-of-the-art equipment & technology from world-leading walnut suppliers in California, Australia and other key locations to ensure clients are provided with high quality, efficient and flexible processing capabilities.

In building the facility, VWC has worked with Australia’s most experienced walnut processing experts to lead the initial design, purchase, installation and operation of the VWC facility located in Tatura East, Victoria.

The Australian annual walnut harvest season generally occurs between mid-March to late May.

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At VWC we are committed to providing clean and green production of Australian walnuts to help create a sustainable future not only for us but for the communities in which we operate.

We believe in safe and sustainable practices and aim to minimize environmental impacts through consuming water and energy more efficiently and focusing on recycling and waste reduction throughout all steps of our production and processes.

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Our Premium Walnut Products

The Victorian Walnut Company's premium products are available for sale via our exclusive Sales Agency.

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Premium in-shell walnuts

Premium walnut kernel

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About Us

Established in 2020, The Victorian Walnut Company (VWC), located in Tatura East, Victoria, is Australia’s new premium state-of-the-art walnut processing and packaging facility. It has been established to efficiently process Australian walnuts to the highest quality at the lowest cost base to produce the best results for growers.

Combined with an experienced and dedicated team who understand the walnut industry, VWC provides growers with a full-service, end-to-end solution including in-shell processing, cracking, packaging and sales.

VWC will accept walnuts from any grower who meets VWC and market standards and does not require growers to invest their personal funds in the processing plant. The plant is fully operational and fully funded and maintained.

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